Solar Source Blogs

4X10 Solene Aurora Collector - Tile Roof

4X10 Solene Aurora Collector - Shingle Roof

4X10 Solene Aurora Collector - Recessed Tile

Active solar water heater - 4x8 Solene Aurora Collector

Manatee Viewing Station at TECO Big Bend

solar electricity at TECO Manatee viewing stationThis solar array is on the Manatee viewing station at the Tampa Electric (TECO) Big Bend Power Plant in Apollo Beach.

Admiral Farragut

Admiral Farragut solar arrayGround-mounted solar panels at Admiral Farragut

Solar pool heater 3

solar pool heaterThis two-story solar pool heater keeps this pool warm year-round!

Solar pool heater

solar pool heater

Solar pool heater 2

Solar pool heaterSolar pool heater

Solar Pool Heater

Solar pool heating system