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The Solar Generation USA Road Trip

Following the sun across the nation, we're seeing first-hand how solar is working for America and meeting today's Solar Generation: the project developers, manufacturers, installers and of course, the clients - the people who are using solar power in its various forms for their homes, businesses and public buildings.


~Financing provides Florida homeowners, businesses with incentives, generates jobs~


April 26, 2010

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~Financing provides Florida homeowners, businesses with incentives, generates jobs~

TALLAHASSEE– House Majority Leader Adam Hasner (R-Delray Beach) commended Energy & Utilities Policy Committee Chairman Steve Precourt (R-Orlando) on his successful passage of PACE – Property Assessed Clean Energy – financing that could be utilized to help Florida consumers and businesses pay for retrofitting their properties with clean technology at no cost to taxpayers. The projects generated by these private sector clean energy improvements hold the promise of green job creation for Florida’s economy. PACE, also known as House Bill (HB) 7179, passed the House.

Green Jobs in Florida

West Ocala Green Jobs Coalition Pilot Project:

Nuclear Power: A Resurgence We Can’t Afford

Nuclear power could play a role in reducing global warming emissions because reactors emit almost no carbon while they operate and can have low life-cycle emissions. Click here to read more.

New Florida Net-Metering Law

Abundant - 6/19/09

The interconnection of solar energy systems in Florida into the power grid has been slightly more than complicated for residential and commercial customers in Co-op or Municipal power areas. Last year the Public Service Commission passed a net-metering law that required all investor owned utilites, such as FPL and Progress Energy to Net-Meter small renewable energy generators. This was not so for small cooperative utilities and Municipal utilties such as Lake Worth Power in Florida, Sarasota.

Solar Energy Classes featured on News Channel 8

Classes are being offered for people interested in solar energy & going green.  Click here for video.

2009 Updated Solar Incentives

Check out our 2009 updated Local, State, and Federal Solar Incentives!!!

New FARE video is released!

Thanks to Jane Maxwell and many FARE supporters across the state, we now have a 15 minute, easy to understand video which explains the importance of a Feed in Tariff/ Renewable Energy Dividend policy for Florida as well as how the policy actually works and more!

The Silver Lining to No RPS

May 12, 2009
Updated May 24, 2009

Florida Energy Solutions - Wednesday, April 15

Florida Energy Solutions - Prospects, Practicalities & Politics

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